Ulcer disease or gastritis is a disease that occurs in stomach disorders. Gastric acid levels in a long time will be at risk Causes Ulcer Disease occurs in gastritis or gastric ulcer so that the patient will experience pain in the stomach and midriff is usually accompanied by heartburn and sore.

Pain and Perih the coming suddenly and spontaneously disappear instantly. Gallstones or kidney stones that cause the disease stopped abruptly.

Heartburn is often found in the community, this happens because cendrungnya incorrectly set the time and eating right.

The cause of ulcer disease are as follows:
Fried foods
Most foods that contain very high oil contained fat. To that end, ulcer disease may appear to someone who often mengkosumsi fried.

Eating Disorders
If you've been eating lunch and always without breakfast, or also often eat one time a day or wait time is hungry can cause this disease to come.

Caffeine as we know it can be soothing, but if too often mengkosumsi without eating rice, then the stomach will usually sounds like hunger.

Aside from the food above, there are a few more one cause of ulcers.
Lack of sleep
 Ulcer disease can come on when the patient is not timely meal. Some ulcer medications you can make a lot of heartburn relievers, but the core of this drug is to neutralize stomach acid so that no buildup of stomach acid in the stomach wall.

Drugs that could be How to Overcome Disease Maag is as follows:
Proton pump inhibitors
Cytoprotective agent

If you do not have too much money and still want to use a natural remedy. Please read the following way.

First way
Prepare 2 fingers then wash with clean turmeric
Turmeric grated and boiled water plus
Squeezed using a clean cloth
Results of juice left in place and take beningya water, or you can also drink straight.
Drink 2 times a day ie morning before meals and at night before bed.

Both ways
Take 8 leaves fresh beans jabu
Then boiled with 1.5 liters of water to a boil, then strain the water grab.
Dimiun 3 times a day, ie morning, noon, and evening.

Third way
Prepare turmeric 2 forefinger or in accordance with the needs that you will drink
Then the saffron shredded.
Boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup or adjust as needed with a ratio of 2: 1
Then filtered and cooled water that has been boiled saffron earlier.
Drink 2 times a day ie morning before meals and at night before bed.
But, if you got the honey. Should add honey to add better results.
When the drug above have no effect on your Ulcer Disease, please visit the doctor to know you more jelansya ulcer problems, Causes and How to Overcome Ulcer Disease we have discussed above, and please note that heartburn can not be cured. So, avoid the problems that can cause an ulcer come.


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