Diabetes is one of the many diseases caused and influenced by the type of food that enters our body, diabetes, or better known as Diabetes is caused by too much glucose contained in food get into your body so that the hormone insulin found in the kidneys can not withstand excessive sugar levels so that the sugars will also flow into the exhaust system.

Other causes or factors that influence the occurrence of this disease is too often drank sweet tea, often eat fried fried foods, lack of exercise and smoking. The activity sebibsa possible we avoid to prevent the arrival of diabetes because the disease is really becoming a big problem for people who are suffering.

One of the facts of diabetes are six times more at risk of a patient against his offspring, so for parents who are affected by diabetes, the child or grandchild six times more at risk of developing diabetes than the patient, so you should be extra careful in this regard.

At this review I will discuss about Natural Ways To Treat Diabetes which hopefully can help you either have diabetes or not exposed to diabetes to treat this disease.

Quick Ways To Treat Diabetes in Natural

diabetse natural medicine
1. Leaves sambiloto
Bitter leaf is also very efficacious for treating the symptoms of diabetes naturally, because it has a bitter leaf androgapholide compounds, these compounds meamang quite bitter but can protect the liver in addition to the bitter leaf is also capable of lowering the CDK4 enzyme that is able to suppress the growth of cancer cells, but it is also useful bitter leaf to maintain immunity, then it is the recommended diabetics using these bitter leaf. was fairly easy to use ie:


bitter leaf of 7 sheet
Cat's whiskers as much as 7 pieces
brotowoli rods 6cm
How to make

Rinse and materials that have been prepared and then cut into pieces
Boil these ingredients into three glasses of water, leaving up to two glasses of water
Drink the potion routine as much as 2 cups a day
It is recommended to drink the potion after eating
2 .Pare
Pare can be used to prevent the arrival of diabetes with cuku potent because of the natural ingredients that can nourish the liver cells and also strengthens the hormone insulin inside the body and can improve and also build pancreatic beta cells contained in our hearts so that protection against diabetes increases , For how to create a diabetes drug use was fairly easy pare, see below:

prepare two pare
1 cup water
How to make:

pare mixed into the water
then squeeze the bitter melon to remove the water
pare the drinking water on a daily basis
Noni 3.Buah
Fruit that has a unique form can be utilized to treat and also prevent the arrival of diabetes because the fruit contains a lot of minerals and other nutrients are also useful for the growth hormone your insulin so that the risk of diabetes has narrowed. Therefore you can consume noni fruit is eaten every day either directly or processed into many types such as juice, and others. For how to make traditional medicine of noni following way:


Prepare two ripe noni fruit wash
How to make:

Grate noni
then squeeze the water and put into a glass
The noni drink water regularly 2 times a day
4 .Buncis
It turns out the type of vegetable that has a characteristic with elongated shape can help you in preventing your diabetes disease. Besides the delicious taste when processed into various processed food, as I said above that the bean can be used to prevent diabetes because these natural products contain many nutrients and other substances that can reduce levels of sugar found in your body. If you frequently consume beans Inshallah diabetes symptoms that you are experiencing will gradually improve

5. Ginseng
This natural ingredient has many benefits, especially to restore the body's energy in order to becoming more healthy, but besides that ginseng can also be used to prevent diabetes affects the body, because ginseng can reduce high sugar levels back to normal.

Such review I can give regarding Natural Ways To Treat Diabetes can be practiced alone for those affected by the disease and alleviate diabeter too late for those of you who do not have diabetes to avoid the risk of diabetes. Thank you for reading my review until the review is completed and hopefully this can be useful for you. Should you not hesitate to share this article to your friends so that they know and can menvegah this diabetes disease. thanks


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