How to treat the disease typhoid you can do with traditional treatments. Our country is known as a country rich in toga plants that can be used to treat a variety of common diseases, to chronic diseases. But not many people are willing to try and do it this way. Processing may arguably long, making people unwilling to make themselves and the more you look for drugs that are practical and fast.

In some villages, the traditional way to treat various diseases still remain to be passed from generation to generation. Even bequeathed to his descendants. No wonder if the sellers are still plenty of traditional herbal medicinal selling to its customers. One is to treat typhoid. To treat typhoid we will deliver a complete reference about the natural cure typhoid.

1. leaves nasty shard

Leaves nasty shard to treat typhoid
Prepare 15 leaves nasty shard. The way you have to do is boiled leaves nasty shard by using 2.5 liters of water, then boiled until boiling for 20 minutes. After boiling lift, and chill. Water leaves nasty shard ready for your consumption 2 times a day. Drink the potion until your symptoms improve or typhoid.

2. Plant toga

Plants treating typhoid with toga
Prepare 10 pieces of bitter leaf, 15 grams of ginger, and prepare black cumin. Wash the bitter leaf and ginger until clean then sliced ​​up into small pieces and then put all the ingredients into a pot of boiling water and then boiled until cool and drink the mixture two times a day until your typhoid getting better. By treating your disease with toga plant will produce good results for the health of the body, so that you can be treated for typhoid perfect health and you will be more awake and vibrant. If you are too difficult to perform the above manner we will give another reference.

3. Fresh Cucumber

Fresh cucumber to treat typhoid
3 Prepare fresh cucumber wash them clean and then grated cucumbers that are already available and squeeze. Drinking juice of the cucumber every morning and evening for one week. And see the results of the changes after you consume the grated cucumber.

Treating typhoid disease will naturally be easier and more effective than the use of drugs by sharing chemicals that would interfere with other organisms in your body. Herbal medicines have no side effects are bad for health, but it will make your body more fresh and fresh. The content of plants gown has a very high vitamin content and very good for your body. Tips typhoid traditional medicine can also do the following materials:

4. Turmeric

treat typhoid with turmeric
3 Prepare fresh turmeric rhizome, 2 bay leaves 1 Bonggo bitter and lemongrass. The way you have to do is finely crushed all the materials that have been provided brewed with warm water and drink the potion for one week sequential. In addition it can be used as drugs to treat typhoid turmeric can also be used to increase stamina and health of your body, turmeric is also famous for refreshing the skin and body. From ancestors turmeric can also be used as a herbal medicine to make turmeric acid that can improve blood circulation, especially if you are menstruating.

5. Papaya

treat typhoid with papaya
Who would have thought the papaya fruit is very tender and tasty consumed apparently can be used to treat typhoid. Papaya also has the best function to launch the process of digestion in the body. So that your digestion by consuming papaya aka more smoothly and not have distractions. For typhoid drugs you have to do is look for papaya young or young half then wash thoroughly, then peel. After the clean peeled you can grate the papaya smooth then add warm water and wring it out. You can take the grated papaya 2 days and drink until you are cured typhus.

6. Worm

treat typhoid with worms
If you see worms you will be amused and disgusted, but some elders use this to mengobaiti typhoid. The way you have to do is find some earthworms kemudin clean by splitting the worm. there are worms in the body that you need to clean the soil and then rinse several times to produce clean results. The worm then boiled until the water boils, the next process is drying worm that has been boiled to really dry and not in wet conditions. Drying up to 3 days.

If you can grind dried dried worms are then you can mix 1 teaspoon tip into fruit-flavored drinks or fruit juice to anticipate the taste of rancid generated by the worm. Traditional medicine is known as the most effective to treat typhoid. Those are some tips from us, may be useful.


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